Hormonal Balance

Is your period irregular? Do you suffer from an annoying monthly pain? Do you suffer from polycystic every syndrome? Do you have menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, depression, sweating)?

We can help! You do not have to wait every month for that agonizing pain that would prevent you from enjoying life and doing your daily activities. You do not have to suffer from irritability, depression, hot flashes or other symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Our experienced naturopathic doctor will conduct full assessment including medical history and physical exam. Blood work may be requested if needed. After finding the root cause of your problem a specific plan will be created for you. This might include; diet, emphasizing healthy eating habits. Diet has been linked to different hormonal imbalance conditions as certain types of foods could create a state of inflammation in your body and that might be a contributing factor for some hormonal imbalance. Exercise plays a major role in helping your metabolism and hormones to rebalance. There are some herbs that are incredible in bringing hormones back to balance. Homeopathy is another option that we could use to help your own body to get back on track. Acupuncture has been of great help for over thousands of years to treat different women’s health conditions. Acupuncture works through boosting your own energy (Qi) and balancing different meridians (energy pathways) in your body.